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  1. Downside
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The last thing I remember is leaving your house
Your dreams, your dog, your family, I guess i'll miss out
On everything you told me you want out of life
You made me a space by your side but now it's gone
And you're gone

Every downside that I include is direct result of your misuse
You just play it off like (you just play it off like)
You've got nothing to hide (you've got nothing to hide) but you do

The root of all my problems is that I still care
About what others think of my clothes and my hair
I never gave a damn until you pointed those out
And now it's hard to think straight when that's all i worry about

Ten thousand words on a crowded page with your name
And I still dont have a clue what to say
Cuz I know you dont care (oh I know you dont care)