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  1. Forfeit
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It's rained alot since the day you left
Not in the world but inside my head
I lost count at time number ten

You were a mess when I met you, now you stand on your own
But I know how your mind works, I know you still feel so alone
You take pride in control and being selfish you cant help
But I'm not your fucking doormat, go step on someone else

So forfeit, that's what you told me, just forget it
We'll never be anything but strangers with history

Now i stay with all the things that could be
While you wait for some sort of consistency in your life
You never seem to get anything right
Even your friends are annoyed of your spite
You just place the blame behind your eyes

Now you go to sleep with happy pictures but
You're just a broken dream where everyone wakes up
And I tried my best to fix you
I was the strong shoulder where you could always lean
I was the warm blanket, love stitched in every seam
But I took all those things with me
So now i do my best to find some sense of hope
That this is the last time where I will feel alone
I truly hope that you are happy, even though it is without me